His source of knowledge, besides the internet

Some people learn by doing, and some understand and then do. Finding himself being the amalgamation of the two, Yashvardhan believes in knowing just enough so that it is practicable. Besides, nothing can be perfect in the computing world for long. A problem-based implementation is a masterclass for learning by doing; his experiences were his greatest mentors. Since gaining knowledge about software development, He always tries his best to be a part of a new experience.

Software EngineerJune 2023 - Present

CovalentHQ is a blockchain data provider offering comprehensive and transparent access to blockchain data in a unified API. I was given the ownership of a range of open-source products called GoldRush as a way of increasing the API consumption. GoldRush includes a GoldRush Decoder, which is expandable for contributors to add decoders that convert raw log events to structured, human-readable data. GoldRush also includes a GoldRush Kit which is a 'Smart Component' UI library for plug-n-play visualized data of over 200 chains.

Founding EngineerJuly 2022 - June 2023

Hashmail is a comprehensive web3 mailbox client that centralizes all your different wallet addresses. As the owner and successful launch of two versions, I am proud to say that the main application of Hashmail has thousands of active users and has successfully integrated thousands of wallet addresses. Additionally, I have developed a proxy server that streamlines the process of sending and receiving emails and supports API integration with other applications.

Software Development ConsultantJanuary 2022 - April 2022

Quinence is another FinTech firm based on web3. In Quinence, I got the opportunity to explore web3 in-depth, NFTs, marketplaces, blockchain, smart contracts, and the latest buzz I got involved with. In Quinence, I was the engineering owner of two client-based projects. One was creating a metaverse. The other was an NFT marketplace, with filters, sorting, profile pages, and more.

Networking & Communications Association
Networking & Communications Associationcampus club
Founding Vice PresidentSeptember 2021 - January 2022

I was on the founding board of the Networking and Communications Association. It is a student representative association delegated by my school's Networking and Communications Department. I had the opportunity to host some successful social events while laying the foundation of multiple internal projects.

Software Development InternAugust 2021 - December 2021

wealth42 was a delightful experience. It is a FinTech firm. I was the lead developer in over three projects, including the main website. I gained insights on class-based architectural systems, form implementation of directed graphs, and mail scraping. The main website was live and released features rolling. This made me develop things on a direct user feedback system. We had implemented our tracking that enhanced this aspect.

Major League Hacking
Major League Hackingfellowship
Pre-FellowshipJuly 2021 - August 2021

Major League Hacking or MLH hosts numerous hackathons every weekend across the globe. They had recently started their fellowship program. I had applied to a track called explorer, which then converted to the Pre-fellowship. During my tenure, I interacted with people around the world and developed a CLI reminder application with them. We were split into pods, and every pod had a dedicated mentor.

GitHub Community SRM
GitHub Community SRMcampus club
Founding AdministratorMay 2021 - Present

GitHub Community SRM is one of my most passionate steps toward OSS. It is an initiative undertaken by a group of students of SRMIST, including myself, with the sole purpose of starting the OSS revolution in SRMIST. We aim to consolidate all the projects and papers created in SRMIST under the banner of the SRMISTKTR GitHub Organisation. I've been an integral part of establishing this community, conducting events, and making the portal to facilitate this.

Web Development ConsultantMarch 2021 - July 2021

Slash was my first FinTech firm. As a hiring challenge, I created a landing website with some hidden easter eggs. Slash exposed me to the industrial lifestyle and deadlines. I made a dashboard that effectively was an analytics preview for the merchant, stock and orders management, and customer interaction. I also got the opportunity to look into the mass generation of static pages.

Team Envision
Team Envisioncampus club
Committee HeadJuly 2020 - Janurary 2022

Team Envision is the technical club of SRMIST's student-run, official Annual Techno-Management Fest, AARUUSH. Undertaking various platforms for the social cause, here I was a significant part of creating projects that supported the community—created portals that provisioned certificate distribution and events, the primary website for AARUUSH, and more.

SRMKZILLAcampus club
Lead - TechnicalJune 2020 - November 2021

SRMKZILLA, an official Mozilla Campus Club in SRMIST, has always been about spreading open-source. In SRMKZILLA, I got to work and experience various day-to-day management products, such as a mass mailer or a recruiting portal. I was a part of multiple projects representing the organization and worked with the companies to develop the same. In SRMKZILLA, I was trusted with the technical teams' management, including leading projects and organizing events.

Collate Innovations
Collate Innovationsinternship
Full Stack DeveloperJune 2020 - September 2020

In my first internship, Collate Innovations, I was exposed to the industrial application of ReactJS. Before this internship, I had worked on various projects, including some hackathon-winning ones. This internship taught me how to manage client expectations, how users look at an application, and what essentially UX is. Collate Innovations is an ed-tech platform that taught me how the workings of the industry happen.

Data Science Community SRM
Data Science Community SRMcampus club
Web Development LeadDecember 2019 - December 2020

I started in Data Science Community SRM as a part of the founding team. The experience of creating a community and being a part of something from the core up was humbling. I was the lead developer in the community and took up various accessibility projects and management roles.